Modern interactive teaching methods are the topic of the workshop by Nieky van Veggel, an expert from Great Britain

September 13, 2021
    Education, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, requires significant effort from both teachers and students. The effectiveness of this process directly depends on the possibilities of communication between all participants during the educational process, as well as the possibility of using modern interactive teaching methods that would positively affect future employment.

 On September 7-8, as a part of the DAAD project “Digital Modernization of Lecturing in Ukrainian Agricultural Universities”, a workshop on the introduction of interactive methods in education was held. The workshop focused on the introduction of new information technologies in education, their application in the chain of communication “student-teacher-field of study”. The event was attended by researchers and teachers from NUBiP of Ukraine, representatives of Mykolayiv National Agrarian University and Sumy National Agrarian University. The lecturer of this workshop was Nieky van Veggel, the head of  the course on the practice of higher education of the Academy of Higher Education in the UK.

    The workshop lasted two days. The first day included masterclasses on the use of interactive teaching methods in various forms of education (offline, online, blended). Special attention was paid to communication skills, analysis, scientificity, practicality and creativity. The second day began with the presentation of each participant's final ideas and suggestions aimed at improvement of practical skills, relevant for the future student’s employment. During the discussion, forms and means of interactive teaching methods necessary in the field of communication were outlined. All the attendees received participation certificates.

   Two more workshops are planned to be held at other partner universities.


Vita Strokal,
Associate Professor of the Department of Agrisphere and Environmental Control
Olexander Labenko,
Head of the ERC for International Activities


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