The Production and Investment Management Department welcomes masters of the 1st year of education - students from China

September 8, 2021

 Among the main directions of development of international activities of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine is the expansion of opportunities of the higher education for foreign students. Of course, every student who comes to study at a higher education institution in another country is a representative of a certain country with a unique culture, behavior and special mentality. And the organization of successful adaptation of foreign students to the new socio-cultural and educational environment promotes their faster integration into student life, facilitates the acquisition of knowledge and provides an opportunity to receive quality education at the university.

These issues were discussed at the meeting of the Head of the Production and Investment Management Department of the Faculty of Agrarian Management, Corresponding Member of the NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Economics, Professor Lidiia V. Shynkaruk with students from China. Lidiia V. Shynkaruk emphasized that the department has created all the conditions for the studying of foreign students, i.e. the availability of appropriate organizational facilities, material and technical equipment of the laboratory for investment projecting, which will host classes. A key role in the educational process of foreigners is played by the high professional competence of the professors of the Production and Investment Management Department, who will teach professional disciplines in English during possessing the educational program "Management of Investment Activities and International Projects".

During the meeting, students had the opportunity to get acquainted and discuss organizational issues of the educational process with teachers who will work with them this semester: Doctor of Economics, Professor Maryna M. Dielini, PhD (Public Administration), Associate Professor Kateryna A. Alekseieva and PhD (Economics), Associate Professor Tetiana O. Artyukh.

In the end of the meeting, Lidiia Shynkaruk wished everyone a successful academic year and expressed confidence that foreign students will be able to adapt quickly to studying in Ukraine.



Anna Dergach,
Senior lecturer of Production
and Investment Management Department

Translated by
Kateryna A. Alekseieva

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