The stakeholders provided meaningful suggestions for improving the studying process under the academic programs “Management” & "Management of foreign economic activities"

April 20, 2021

  On April 13 there was provided an online meeting of representatives of the department of administrative management and foreign economic activities and stakeholders of the academic program “Management of foreign economic activities” and “Management”.
   The alumnus of the department of administrative management and foreign economic activities who are currently employers took part in the meeting, i.e. Taras Vysotskii, Deputy Minister for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine, Chairman of the Council of Employers of the Agrarian Management Faculty; Zhemoida Alexander, Director of the Department for Multilateral and Bilateral Trade Agreements of the Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine; Zhuravel Alexander, farmer, FAO expert; Osadchuk Volodymyr, General Director of COFCO Agri Ukraine; Olga Trofimtseva, Chairman of the Board of Agrarian Chambers of Ukraine, ex-acting Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine (2019); Sheremet Maksym, Head of BayWa Marketing & Trading International B.V.

   For the consideration there was proposed the content of the academic programs for the second (Master) level of the higher education (Management of foreign economic activities) and the first (Bachelor) level of the higher education (Management). During the conversation the guests  emphasized competencies that needed more serious attention during preparation of applicants of the higher education.
   It  should be noted that all stakeholders emphasized the lack of high qualified managers of foreign economic activities at the labor market. Representatives of business and the authorities  pointed out that with the purpose of alumnus’s competitive advantages forming there was needed to provide more attention for the development of such competencies as: the analytical thinking; the communications; the rational organization of managers work.  
   Volodymyr Osadchuk  noticed that modern alumnus needed more development of the time-management skills and understanding of the task distribution criteria. Definitely, there was a need of more wide analytical-mathematic skills implementation during the market researches and the development of managerial decisions about the international market entrance strategies.
   Taras Vysotskii  pointed that there was an urgent need in professionals that could create fast a consistent picture of the separate product including the balances analysis and the information about international market conjuncture using data bases such as USDA, FAO, FAPRI etc.

   Alexaner Zhuravel stopped on competences and knowledge’s that he used and  needed during his own production setting for such niche culture as asparagus. He did it basing on imported Netherlands technology and its adaptation for the Ukrainian environment.

   As a result, stakeholder offered the improvement of academic plan by including in it academic disciplines which was connected to analytics and modeling of the foreign agricultural markets, international and European legal support of commercial activities, features of the agricultural products standardization and certification.
   Olha Trofimtseva  expressed her offer to include another foreign language except English into the  academic plan. She was convinced that such step was absolutely approved in conditions of the global markets competitiveness sharping.


   The stakeholders  recommended representatives of the project group to consider probability and implementation of the narrow-profiled seminars for the students as well as for the others within the framework of the newly created laboratory "Business Analytics" at the Department of Administrative Management and Foreign Economic Activity.

Oleksander Faychuk,
As. Professor of the Department of Adminstrative Mangement and Foreign Economic Activities
Translated by V. Lutsiak



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