Online Lecture «Significance of logistics management»

April 16, 2021

   On March 30, 2021 an online lecture "Significance of logistics management" was held for students of the 2nd year of the specialty "Management" of the Faculty of Agrarian Management within the framework of studying discipline "Logistics". The lecture was presented by Mr. Sandeep Kumar Gupta, Professor & Head Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Center, IIMT College of Engineering Greater Noida India, at the invitation of Professor of the Department of Management named after prof. J. S. Zavadskyі, Doctor of Economic Sciences Reznik Nadiia.

   During the lecture students learned the peculiarities of logistics management, heard explanations on the main components of logistics management and why logistics was important for business. The lecture caused great interest of students who noted the content, structuring of the presentation.
   Mr. Sandeep Kumar demonstrated a high clarity of material presentation and contacted with the audience.

   Students in their reviews on the lectures noted that it was interesting to work with the guest lecturer, as they were able to strengthen their studies not only in Logistics but also in English.

Tetiana Artiukh
Associate Professor of
Department of Management
named after Prof. J. S. Zavadskyi


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