All professions are good – choose your own one

9 March 2021, 11:20


Secondary school is the first center of career guidance work.  In order for career guidance at school to be effective, it is important to follow the following requirements.

Career guidance should be based on careful consideration of current and highly promising needs of local production in the field, on the basis of analysis of the professional structure of production and economy.  Career guidance is not possible without a careful study of the abilities, aptitudes, interests and health of students.

Vocational guidance at school should be organically connected with the whole educational process, based on general education and labor training of students.  This provides them with a broad polytechnic outlook and facilitates the conscious choice of profession.

In the implementation of vocational guidance measures at school, the school should build close ties with industry, public and governmental organizations, and higher education institutions.  A comprehensive approach to professionally-oriented diagnosis and professional information of young people.

That is why the Faculty of Humanities and Education of NULES of Ukraine assists in the professional development of the youth of Vyshgorod region by means of professional information, testing and assistance in further choice of future profession, acquainting students with the most common and popular professions.


Associate professor of the Department of English

for Technical and Agrobiological Specialities

O. Ponomarenko

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