PROTOSAVITSKA Liudmyla Stepanivna


1995-2000 – Faculty of History of the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University. 

2000 – postgraduate study at the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University. 

2006 – defended the PhD thesis «The Policy of the Soviet Government towards the Orthodox Church in Ukraine during the NEP (1921-1927)», (The National Pedagogical Dragomanov University).

Work activity:

2007 – till now - the Department of Theory and History of State and Law of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine.


Educational work:

History of the Doctrines of the State and Law, History of Political and Legal Thought in Ukraine, History of the State and Law of Ukraine.


Educational and methodical work:

Author of more than 11 scientific and methodical works, including 1 co-authored monograph, 5 textbooks, articles in professional and scientific publications, materials of scientific and practical conferences, recommendations and methodological developments.


Scientific and professional interests: 

Scientific activity of Protosavitska L.S. is devoted to the problems of the history of the doctrines of the state and law. She studies the doctrines and the theories in the history of the world community on the origin, the role and significance of the ideal form of the state and political system of society, as well as the doctrines and the theories of law, its essence and purpose, individual state and legal institutions and the theories and the concepts of ideal or desirable forms of the state and legal existence. Her research interests are aimed at studying the history of political and legal thought in Ukraine from ancient times to the present, researching concepts and theories in which the search for the best, optimal forms of organization of the state and legal existence of the mankind.


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