Participation in international conferences is a way to expand the horizons of cooperation in projecting

February 16, 2021

      On February 11, 2021, an extremely interesting event took place - the International Conference "Internationalization of the Higher Educational Institutions: International Projects and Scientific Career Development", co-organized by the Production and Investment Management Department of the Faculty of Agrarian Management, NULES of Ukraine.

   The conference brought together leading scientists, experts, young scientists from Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia, provided an opportunity to present their own developments and learn about the scientific results of colleagues. Moreover, the list of issues and problems that were discussed during scientific reports and discussions was extremely relevant, interesting and sharp.

   At the beginning of the conference, the Head of the Production and Investment Management Department, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Lidiia Shynkaruk addressed welcoming speech to all the participants. In her speech, Lidiia Shynkaruk stressed the importance of holding events of that format, which expanded horizons for cooperation, exchange of experience and stressed that NULES of Ukraine, being one of the most powerful universities in Ukraine, developed projects not only in the economy but also in the biosphere, animal husbandry, crop production, nature management, etc. And it is the Production and Investment Management Department that has been fruitfully cooperating for more than a year with the organizers of this conference to find common solutions in modern education to train project managers in universities for the needs of the labor market.


   The high scientific and professional level of speakers should be noted. All the presented developments are promising, as they represent practical benefits and relate to the problems and prospects of internationalization and international cooperation of Ukrainian higher education institutions, the development of international research projects and their funding opportunities, project team management and more.

   The project of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine "Strategy of Internationalization" that is aimed at the development of scientific, innovative and international activities attracted the attention of the audience. Creation of the Appendix "Applicant's Assistant" and Workstation "Entrant" to provide access to the system of electronic admission in rural areas, improve the quality of the process of admission to free economic relations of Ukraine, help in systematization, storage and dissemination of modern scientific knowledge.

   At the end, the participants thanked the organizers for the opportunity to take part in the conference and expressed hope for further fruitful cooperation. And Lidiia Shynkaruk invited everyone to join the International Forum of Project Managers "Cooperation of education and business in the context of European integration: the project approach", organized for the second year by the Production and Investment Management Department of the NULES of Ukraine together with the Association of Project Managers of Ukraine, Central European Academy CEASC) and leading higher education institutions of Ukraine and Poland.

Ann Dergach,
Senior lecturer of Production and
Investment Management Department

Translated by Kateryna Alekseieva



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