Time management as a component of student personal effectiveness

February 15, 2021

   Time management is a very useful academic discipline that teaches to distribute personal and working time effectively, make the right choice of priorities and perform more tasks in less time and quickly achieve your goals. The study of this discipline will enable students of higher education to develop the skills of self-organization, goal setting, delegation, control and evaluation of personal indicators of activity and managing working time.

   The first lecture "The essence and role of time management in Management" was hold by associate professor of the Department of Management named after Prof. Y. Zavadsky Troian Alina for students of the 3rd year, specialty "Marketing".
   At the seminar students presented presentations and reports which were accompanied by an active discussion of topical issues in the realities of rapid time turnover and the need to be able to manage it.

Nataliia Dragneva,
Associate Professor
Department of Management
named after Prof. J. Zavadsky

Translated by Tetiana Artiukh


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