We study European social policy within the project from ERASMUS PLUS

January 20, 2021


   The new year 2021 began very lively and fruitfully for the teachers of the Production and Investment Management Department. Thus, Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor of Maryna M. Dielini on January 12-14 held a seminar on "European Social Policy" in the framework of the project Jean Monnet Chair "Social and Cultural Aspects of EU Studies" (SCAES) (more information at the link: http://scaes.info).

   The purpose of the seminar was to disseminate knowledge and practices of the European Union in various aspects of the social sphere. For three days, together with participants (more than 80 people) from different universities of Ukraine, the legal framework of EU social policy, social structure of society, social models of Europe were considered.

   Particular attention was paid to the demographic and migration trends, as well as the situation on the EU labor market. This issue is extremely important for Ukraine, because we are involved in this process. In order to fully and thoroughly study the topic of the seminar the quality of life of the European population was determined and examples of state regulation of corporate social responsibility were given.

   Among the teachers of the department the participants of the seminar there was Anna V. Dergach who shared her expert opinion on the consequences of migration processes in the EU for both the European region and Ukraine. The event was also joined by Alla V. Sukhanova, Valentyna P. Bykhovchenko, Tetyana O. Vlasenko and others.

   During the seminar the audience was constantly kept in touch on the conclusions and impressions from the information received. During the discussions and debates we tried to identify positive and negative experiences for Ukraine, probable consequences and opportunities, policies that we should explore to adapt EU values to our present.

   Many thanks to the lecturer of the course and all participants for interesting and useful information.

Marina Dielini,
Alla Sukhanova
Associate professors of the Production and
Investment Management department

Translated by
Kateryna Alekseieva


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