Creative decisions of masters in project management attracted the attention of the administration

December 18, 2020

On December 9, 2020, the Production and Investment Management Department of the Faculty of Agrarian Management hosted an online defense of master's theses in the specialty "Management" of the educational program "Management of Investment Activities and International Projects".

The defense was attended by the Rector of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Academician of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Stanislav M. Nikolaienko and Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Academician of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Doctor in Economics, Professor Serhii M. Kvasha. They asked masters about the research topics and gave sound advice on the practical implementation of business ideas of students.

Stanislav M. Nikolaienko’s special attention was drawn to Mariana Poznyak’s project to develop a mobile application for mastering stage speech to facilitate communication in various situations of everyday life.

Serhii M. Kvasha in turn noted a practical component of the presented works which contained detailed financial calculations of the developed investment projects.

Improving the efficiency of agribusiness is an important area of economic growth. Therefore, the business plans developed by masters for growing greens using hydroponics, raspberries and cucumbers indoors, as well as the project for the preparation and laying of apple orchards can be considered successful investments in future, especially since the calculations are impressive in their accuracy as well as economic justification for expediency of realization of these ideas (V. Dyka, R. Petukhov, V. Borsenko, O. Iskova).

But how to grow fruit and vegetables without having places of their realization and possibility of transportation? Here we were helped by students who developed projects to create a mini-plant for processing apples, opening a health food store "Eko Shop" and creating a company for freight transportation (I. Asanishvili, S. Negodenko, A. Makarevych).

No less important and noteworthy were the projects to open a child development center and children's cafe (L. Andriychuk, L. Makarevych), fitness club and flower shop (V. Tagiyeva, O. Saraka), business ideas for the manufacture and implementation of thermowood (A. Moiseenko), opening of a bakery with unleavened pastries (Y. Kharchenko) and the development of the beauty industry (V. Paliy).

Chairman of the Commission, Professor Vasyl K. Zbarsky noted that all the submitted projects were prepared at a high level, taking into account the real situation in the research area and could be used to start your own business.

Head of the Production and Investment Management Department, Professor Lidiia V. Shynkaruk noted the individuality and creativity of each project, the relevance of the ideas submitted, the clarity and logic of financial calculations. Lidiia V. Shynkaruk also discussed with the graduates further cooperation on the development of investment projects and their successful implementation.

We are proud of our graduates who have developed projects for starting and developing their own business and invite everyone who has an ambitious goal - to have their own business - to study for a master's degree in the educational program "Management of Investment Activities and International Projects"!



Lidiia V. Shynkaruk,
Head of the Production
and Investment Management

Anna V. Dergach,
mentor of the group of masters

Translated by Kateryna A. Alekseieva


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