The third stage of the Jean Monnet Module "EU Food Safety Control" has started

 The Department of Veterinary Sanitary Examination of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine continues to implement a project supported by the European Union Erasmus + Jean Monnet Module "Food Safety Control in the EU" (587548-EPP-1-2017-1-UA-EPPJMO-MODULE ).

In order to promote understanding of the key elements of the food safety system in the EU, a module on food safety control in the EU has been introduced in the Master's course in Veterinary Medicine. The introduction of this course will eliminate serious gaps in the curricula of future veterinary experts. Veterinary control, which includes control over food safety, is an important criterion for assessing the veterinary service of any country, as well as the quality of training programs for veterinary specialists.


The program includes updated and objective information on food safety controls within the EU and reviews relevant legislation to effectively address risks that may jeopardize food and feed safety. Participants should be aware of the general principles of food hygiene, including the necessary programs, use communication skills to inform other citizens about food safety and approaches to official controls in the EU; to have an idea of the principles of the HACCP system, in order to further use the European experience in Ukraine.

This course will have added value in terms of curriculum development and modernization and an understanding of the role of the EU and national authorities in managing food safety policy, thus providing students with additional opportunities in the labor market.


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