For the first time the university scientists have developed the projects for the Ukrainian Public Farm Support Fund

May 21, 2020

   On May 18, 2020 Lidiia V. Shynkaruk, the Head of the Production and Investment Management Department, chaired an online meeting of working groups (staff) of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine to discuss the final stage of business projects for the Ukrainian Public Farm Support Fund.

   Back in November 2019 the Ukrainian Public Farm Support Fund announced a competition to establish an All-Ukrainian network business incubator for the diversification of agricultural production and the development of cooperation in rural areas. Our university took part in the competition and became the developer of training courses for projects proposed by the fund, i.e. even in the conditions of the quarantine projects are implemented and funds are earned.
   The business incubator is aimed not only at the agricultural producing, but also at development of such activities as: agricultural cooperation, green tourism, information and communication technologies, folk crafts, services, collection and processing of wild berries and mushrooms, medical raw materials. The implementation of the tasks stated above required formation of complex interfaculty groups for high-quality execution of the order for development of business projects.
   The following projects have been successfully developed by interdepartmental working groups:
1. Project for growing vegetable products in the open ground
2. Project for growing vegetables in greenhouses: storage, processing, sales
3. Project for growing, storage, sale of garlic
4. Raspberry Growing Project
5. Blueberry growing project: storage, processing, sales
6. Currant growing project: storage, processing, sales
7. Project for the production of stone fruits
   All the projects have been implemented and sent to the head of the Ukrainian Public Fund for Support of Farms for placement on the website of the fund. We expect funds for the implementation of the second stage of the project under the leadership of Lydiia V. Shynkaruk.
Lidiia V. Shynkaruk,
Head of the Production and
Investment Management Department
Translated by
Kateryna A. Alekseieva


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