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 Admission for international students

  • • Admission Requirements
  • • Documents required for entry of foreign citizens
  • • When you may apply for
  • • Programs (Bachelor, Master, PhD)
  • • Preparatory course for international students
  • • Tuition fee for international students
  • • Entry conditions to the territory of Ukraine



 Partner organizations with which agreements on cooperation in distance recruitment of foreign citizens

for training at NULES of Ukraine have been signed:

  • Public organization «Risen International Cultural Exchange Center» (The People's Republic of China).
  • Amsho Co. for Learning and Training Courses, Ltd (The Republic of Iraq).
  • Hangzhou Dingying Foreign Educational Services Co.,Ltd. (The People's Republic of China).
  • Wuhan Wuti Lezhong Sports Industry Co., Ltd. (The People's Republic of China).



# Admission Requirements 

  • • To be admitted to the higher educational institution an international student should have secondary education certificate and satisfactory health state for habitation in climatic conditions of Ukraine and training in chosen specialty.
  • • Foreign citizens who graduated from the higher educational institutions of foreign countries are entitled to continue the education in Ukraine on the basis of the documents that certify their education level.
  • • To be admitted to postgraduate education program an international student should have higher education diploma and capability of conducting research.
  • • Those who apply to postgraduate programs have to submit the list of publications, including the name of publisher, certified by the head of the institution, institution or organization in the workplace.
  • • Students who have no publications have to submit scientific reports in their chosen specialty.
  • • On admission to the doctoral program also:

- a detailed plan of the thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science;

- copy of the award of the degree of Candidate of Sciences (Ph.D. diploma).

# Documents required for entry of foreign citizens

For admission to the NULES foreign citizens should provide the following documents:
1. statement addressed to the Rector of the University;
2. application form and consent to personal data collection and processing (Annex #1);

3. documents about education and appendix with marks;
5. document given by a competent state body, that indicates the right of the candidate to continue studying at the educational establishments of that country where he/she has got a secondary education;
6. document that indicates getting of higher education with “Bachelor”, “Master” degree for candidates who would like to get “Master” degree or start post-graduate studying;
7. medical health certificate, certified by official body of health protection of the foreigner’s country and is issued at least for two months before leaving for Ukraine;
8. Passport;
9. insurance policy of getting urgent medical aids (except foreigners who have come from the countries which concluded with Ukraine agreement about free first aid);
10. 10 photos (3.5 x 4.5);

The documents in sub-item 4-8 should be certified in accordance with the legislation of the issuing country, translated into Ukrainian and notarized.


# Terms of the application process

  • The documents can be sent to post address or email of NULES of Ukraine twice a year: from July 3 to October 16 and from February 1 to February 20.
  • Interviews are held from July 4 to October 23 and from February 2 to February 22 accordingly.
  • Admission to training is carried out from July 4 to November 1 and from February 2 to March 1.

# Programs

Bachelor and Master Program in English is carried out on the following specialties:
• Management
• Economy
• Ecology
• Civil engineering



# Preparatory course for international students

  • Preparatory Department (PD) provides language training courses required for study and communication. Training courses are available in three languages: Ukrainian, English or Russian. PD also trains students in fundamental disciplines which are required for admission to the University.
  • Classes on the Preparatory Department may begin in any month of the academic year.
  • After graduation from the Preparatory Department, learner will receive the Certificate of a State standard that gives the right to apply to any higher education institutions in Ukraine.


# Tuition fee for international students in 2020-2021

Additional spending
1. Insurance (1200 UAH/year – 40 euro ) is a medical insurance and liability insurance (formerly called insurance for expulsion in cases stipulated by law).
2. Nostrification of documents on education, 2000 UAH – 65 euro.
3. Registration, 2000 UAH – 75 euro.
4. Medical examination (with the consent of the student), 400 UAH/year – 15 euro.
5. Translation and notarization of documents, depending on the price fixed by translation agency 1100 – 1200 UAH – 40 euro.
6. Accommodation in the hostel is 740 UAH/month – 25 euro


# Entry conditions to the territory of Ukraine


  • • Once notified on admission to NULES of Ukraine a student is expected to personally submit his/her passport with entry visa, type “Д”. Which is received at Ukrainian Embassy (not valid to countries with visa-free regime with Ukraine). Submitted applicant to obtain entry-visa at Ukrainian Embassy or at General Ukrainian Consulate provides documents:

- that are mentioned above;

- original invitation to education, issued by the University.

  • • While crossing the Ukraine’s border, CIS citizens (if no visa required) should state “education” in “the purpose of visit” line of a migration card. This card must be registered with border passport control.
  • • Attention! The same documents candidate provides at the line of Ukrainian border crossing and on arrival at the University. Citizens of visa-free entry regime with Ukraine in completing the migration card at the port of entry in the "Purpose of entry to Ukraine" must provide "training". This card must be registered with the State Border Service. The card with the passport is provided to the University for registration after enrollment. Candidate for education has to inform about his/her arrival to university no later than in 3 days period and provides university with the date of his/her entry to Ukraine and the flight (or train) number.


# Student Leisure:


  • • Foreign students have access to library collections of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine (, in particular, the Scientific Library NUBiP Ukraine (National Depository Library FAO
  • • The University has developed sports facilities, everyone has the opportunity to keep fit and become a member of various sports competition. More about the sport life of the University:
  • • Every year NUBiP Ukraine organizes international festival of art "Holosiivska Vesna". Also, foreign students can submit the traditions and culture of his land in such events as "Student evenings"

# Living Conditions:

• The university town is situated in the picturesque place of the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. Students live in the students' hostels.
• The price of living in the hostel is 740 UAH per month. Cost of accommodation should be paid extra.
Download student campus map (

For information, contact the Center for international Activity (building 3, room 107).
Telephone: +38 (044) 258-42-34.
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Our admissions team will be happy to advise you on specific requirements for participating in the program for which you want to apply.




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