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Volodymyr M. Yermolenko
Doctor of Law, Professor
The first head of chair was a leading legal scholar, founder of the Agricultural Law School of Ukraine, Doctor of Law, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Law of Ukraine V.Yanchuk.
Today the department is headed by Doctor of Law, Professor V. Yermolenko.

In its work the chair cooperates with:
• other chairs of the University - to identify and implement interdisciplinary connections, experience sharing of the educational process, the use of educational and scientific base, carrying out complex researches;
• ESI - as a governing body since the chair is accountable to it in all areas of activity;
• The law department- on issues of the educational process in educational and professional programs and curriculum training of relevant areas, specialties and specializations;
• educational, scientific, administrative and economic units, separated and other parts of the University - in connection with the performance of the relevant functions of the chair and the need to provide current information on the status and prospects of its activities in accordance with the current University procedure.
Scientific work
The estimated results of research work:

1.The notion of agrarian property relations in Ukraine has been elaborated;
2.Research on budget issue "Legal sustainable development of agricultural production, safety and quality of agricultural products" has been fulfilled;
3. Research on budget issue "Development of sustainable rural development " has been fulfilled.
The Chair of Agricultural, land and environmental law named after. Academician V. Yanchuk trains postgraduate students in specialty: 12.00.06 - land law, agricultural law, environmental law, natural resources law.
Since the establishment of Chair of Agricultural, land and environmental law named after. Academician V. Yanchuk, 1 doctor and 14 candidate dissertations in the field of jurisprudence have been prepared.

The history of chair
History has ancient roots, when a group of teachers and lawyers, having started in the 50-s of the last century, worked for the chair of economics of the Ukrainian Agricultural Academy. Actual problems of village, agricultural production raised the question of expanding the teaching of legal disciplines in our university, as well as a question of creation a separate chair that would provide teaching of all legal disciplines at the university. Therefore, in 1996 the chair of Agricultural Law was founded. It was headed by Candidate of Economic Sciences, Professor A. Karasik. In 2000 the chair was renamed into the chair of Jurisprudence (and after the creation in August 2001 the Department of Law into the Agricultural, land and environmental law) whose head was an outstanding scientist in the field of agrarian and land rights, Doctor of Law, Professor, Honored Scientist of Ukraine, academician of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Vasil Z. Yanchuk by September 2006. The chair was named after Academician V. Yanchuk in the memory of this outstanding teacher and scholar in 2006. Since September 2006, the department has been headed by Doctor of Law, Professor V. Ermolenko.

The department provides teaching for department of law school, as well as departments of economic, forest management pedagogic, plant protection, land management, fisheries, veterinary and other departments of studying disciplines:
"Agricultural, land and environmental law"
"Forest, land and environmental law"
"Agrarian Law"
"Land Law"
"Environmental Law"
"Labor Law"
"Actual problems of agrarian law"
"Problems of Environmental Law"
"Actual problems of land rights"
"Land-procedural relations"
"Problems of legal regulation of land mortgage"
"Legal Basis expertise lands"
"Problems of legal regulation of agricultural markets"
"Legal Problems of Life and Environmental Sciences" and others.

The Department of Theory and History of State and Law
Address: ERI of Land Resources and Law, Kiev, str. Vasylkivska, 17, off. 221, 224.
Tel.: 259-97-25
Head of Department:
PhD in Law, associate professor

The department of theory and history of state and law is a theoretical and methodological centre of lawyer training and teaching of the law basics for students of the non-law faculties of the National University of Life and Environmental Studies.

The department carries out teaching of subjects at the law faculty, faculty of advanced training and retraining of agribusiness industry specialists at the Mukachevo Educational-informational and Consulting Station (EICS) under educational and qualification levels of Bachelor, Specialist and Master.
In particular, the department’s lecturers carry out training of lawyers in such subjects as:
І. Fundamental legal disciplines:
- Theory of state and law;
- History of state and law of Ukraine;
- History of state and law of foreign countries;
- Legal ethics.
ІІ. Professionally oriented legal disciplines:
- History of doctrines of state and law;
- History of political and legal thought in Ukraine;
- Law theory problems;
- Methodology of teaching of legal disciplines in the higher education establishments.
The department’s employees implement teaching of courses in the law basics and legal studies at other faculties and EICSs of NULES of Ukraine and also in legal fundamentals of carrying out scientific and pedagogical activities for masters of the pedagogical faculty.
The academic teaching staff of the department has developed learning and teaching complexes in the disciplines, published course books and other learning and teaching study aids. Thus, 7 tutorials (of which 2 single-handedly and 5 – with the seal of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine) and about 60 methodical study aids were published during the period of the department’s existence.
It is planned to develop new innovational training courses and introduce them into curriculums as well as to implement a change-over to а qualitatively new level of teaching with the use of a special courseware.

The priority areas of scientific activities are:
1. Current issues of the theory of state and law.
2. Current issues of the history of doctrines of state and law and the Ukrainian political and legal thought.
3. Organization of legal training in the higher education establishments of agrarian line.
During the period of the department’s existence, its employees have published 8 monographs, 6 reference books, 1 brochure, 165 scientific articles and around 80 thesis reports.
The department provides training of PHDs and doctors of law under specializations 12.00.07 and 12.00.06.
The department cooperates with another institutions and organizations (8 patents were developed and implemented), renders legal assistance to experts of agricultural companies, lecturers of technical schools and colleges, academic teachers and research scientists of institutes.
Together with other structural divisions of the faculty and the university, the department conducts scientific conferences and roundtable discussions on relevant issues of human rights, theory of state and legal development of Ukraine at the present time, publishes materials of these conferences.
The department promotes legal knowledge as well as training and participation of students in the scientific life of the faculty.

Department of International Law and Comparative Law
the head of the chair
V. Ladychenko, Doctor of Law, Professor
Chair of International Law and Comparative Law has been established in accordance with the order of Rector of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine #180 on the 03.03.2012. The head of the prospective the chair has become Doctor of Law, Professor Victor Ladychenko. Candidate of Law, Associate Professor L. Golovko, Candidate of Law, Senior Lecturer Y.Shulga, Senior Lecturer L.Tenkach, assistant I.Feshchenko are working for the chair.

Teachers are engaged in scientific researches according to the leading areas in the field of international legal researches, namely:
International legal principles of security of natural resources;
• Developing of models of legal regulation of the rational use and protection of natural resources, using foreign scientific and practical researches and taking into account international legal experience;
• International legal basis of conservation of ecosystems, food security and adaptation to the modern realities of Ukraine;
• Analysis of EU legislation and the adoption of positive experience of legal regulation in the field of agriculture that will ensure the development of productive forces, economic, technological, organizational and technical relations in agriculture and associated with him sectors of economic activity.
• International legal regulation of energy saving in agriculture.

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