Vocational guidance of youth is the key to a successful career

January 27, 2020

 Career guidance is one of the most important directions in the work on humanitarian-pedagogical faculty. That is why we are continuing active work of students in career guidance work in secondary schools with the aim to develop clear guidelines on own activity and self-knowledge as a basis of professional self-determination and self-empowerment through familiarization with the world of professions that you can obtain while studying at the Humanities faculty of NULES of Ukraine through the formation of skills of analysis of different types of professional activities and the ability to match “the image I” with the requirements of professions to the individual and labour market conditions and on establishing a professional plan.

Today there are a number of issues in professional self-determination of young people leads to a loss not only of many school leavers, their parents and teachers. In this situation, topical and acute problem specific help young people in professional self-determination. Successful student Nulesu, Cam Ivan, informed students Velykosnitynske school of i-III stages, Fastiv R-nu of Kyiv region about the importance of a conscious approach to the choice of profession and responsibility for their own future, as well as the type definition of the professional fields in which you could implement yourself each of the students, the diversity of professions of humanitarian-pedagogical faculty and the perspectives of study at NULES. I hope an own example of a successful student is a good exapple for admission to our University.


Associate professor of the English language department

 for technical and agrobiological specialties


 O. Ponomarenko

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