Professor of the Pennsylvania State University (USA), Rick Stehouwer, shared his impression of practical classes on soil science held at the Agrobiological Faculty

January 10, 2020
   Rick Stehouwer, Professor of Environmental Soil Science, shared his impressions of the summer visit to the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine in an article, published on the website of the Pennsylvania State University.

    “To learn something about another culture, another country, another way of looking at things — that kind of interaction is of tremendous value, and I have been enriched by this experience,'' noted Professor Stehouwer.



  Professor Stehouwer also shared his enthusiasm for soil science with faculty and students from the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine by serving as a keynote speaker for the “U.S. Approach to Soil Profile Description: Field Practicum.”

   During the three-day, field-oriented class, Stehouwer demonstrated U.S. practices in soil texture determination, structure assessment and color determination to 30 students and faculty. “The formal study of soil science has a rich history in Ukraine, so it was fascinating to be in the same places where soil science pioneers lived and worked,” said Stehouwer. “But the greatest benefit was the opportunity to experience another culture and exchange information about teaching practices and field techniques for the benefit of faculty and students from both countries.”

    “For students, international experiences can expand their horizons and help them realize there is a big world beyond Pennsylvania and the continental U.S.,” he said. “Ultimately, I would love to see NUBiP and Penn State students interacting in soil science learning both virtually and in person through student exchanges.

   This article uses original materials published on the website of the Pennsylvania State University (USA) “Penn State scientist shares knowledge of soil science during visit to Ukraine” by Amy Duke on January 02, 2020.

Yuriy Kravchenko,
Deputy Dean
of the Agrobiological Faculty on International Activity


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