Professor M.K. Shykula Department of Soil Science and Soil Conservation

Address: 03041, Kyiv, Heroiv oborony str., 17 educational building 2

Tel.: (044) 527-81-02, 527-86-31, 527-83-92

Head of the Department :
Balayev Anatoliy Dzhalilovych

doctor of agricultural sciences, professor


The department was founded in 1922. The first head was soil scientist F.I. Levchenko, Prominent soil scientists worked at the department: M.M. Godlin, A.I.Zrazhevskiy, I.O. Zolotarev, P.V. Zakharchuk and others.

With significant advances in scientific work members of the department became the laureate of State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology (M.K. Shykula and O.G. Tarariko) and received the title of Honored Scientist of Ukraine (M.K. Shykula).

The department currently has 16 teaching staff, including 3 doctors of agricultural sciences and 10 PhDs. Head of the Department of Soil Science and Soil Conservation, doctor of agricultural sciences, professor A.D. Balayev is the Head of the Ukrainian Society of Soil scientists and Agrochemists (UTHA). Members of the department take an active part in congresses of UTHA. Lecturers, post-graduate students, masters and students are involved in scientific work.

According to research results, more than 100 PhD and 20 doctors had defended at the department.

During 36 years, the department has scientific school of conservation farming - research and development of soil cultivation technology, based on minimum tillage and organic agriculture. It was found by professor M.K. Shykula.

Soil conservation technologies of crop growing were developed by scientists of the Department on the basis of long-term field researches for the main soil-climatic zones of Ukraine. Soil conservation technologies provide:

- conservation and restoration of soil organic matter;
- increase water supply for crops due to higher productive moisture content;
- improve the structural-aggregate composition and prevent soil agrophysical degradation;
- protect soil from water and wind erosion;
- reduce the cost of crop production due to resource and energy saving.

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