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November 18, 2019
     Our colleague Oksana Chaika, PhD, Associate Professor NUBiP of Ukraine, came back to Ukraine a few days ago after attending a powerful event for business leaders worldwide, organised by Crowe Global, the eighth largest accountancy and consultancy network globally. It was another international Crowe Global Conference held in Sydney in the end of October 2019. At the event, well recognised and distinguished personalities from business, politics, environmental areas, IT, etc. presented their ideas for growth and success, development of cross-border cooperation in the world, including the CEE/SEE region.

     Crowe Global Conference is an annual event attracting several hundred delegates from companies belonging to the Crowe Global network across the world. The leitmotif of this year’s event was the Elevate slogan, reflecting the transfer of business to a higher level of development. The conference was opened by David Mellor, CEO of Crowe Global. One of the greatly motivating speakers was Stephen Scheeler, former CEO of Facebook in Australia and New Zealand, and another was Dr Richard Harris, Australian of the Year 2019.

     Oksana Chaika was delighted to attend the main sessions as well as participate in anumber of workshops and panel discussions, moving the needle through the CEE/SEE regional cooperation and development of projects encompassing the Crowe Global network companies from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Russia, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary and Bulgaria.  


Oxana Chaika

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