"The world of professions at the Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogics of NULES of Ukraine is my choice, my success"

October 30, 2019

Currently, young people have many opportunities for professional choice, as well as created favorable conditions for its implementation. However, making the choice becomes more difficult, as it is seriously influenced by the rapid development of science and technology, the increasing intensity of information flow. Professional help comes to the aid of the students - a system of measures aimed at assisting young people in professional self-determination, taking into account the needs of the industries in the human resources, interests, inclinations, abilities and physiological capabilities of the individual.
Vocational guidance tasks are addressed in different types of student activities. Students of the first year of NULES of Ukraine Momotyuk Darina and Druganov Artem 25.10.2019p. visited their native secondary schools Simonovsky NVK I-III degrees in the Rivne region and the Kiev College of Civil Engineering and Design, where they introduced the students about the world of modern professions presented at the Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogics, the prospects and opportunities for obtaining the highest education in NULES. We also look forward to meeting them in the walls of our university on the open day

Assistant professor of the English language department
for technical and agrobiological specialties
O. Ponomarenko

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