Student of the Education and Research Institute of Forestry and Landscape-Park Management at IUFRO World Congress in Brazil

October 21, 2019
    The largest event of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) - XXV IUFRO World Congress - has recently ended. It is held every 5 years, and this year was hosted by Curitiba, Brazil. A second-year student of the Education and Research Institute of Forestry and Landscape-Park Management Volodymyr Kravets participated in this event as the coordinator of the delegation from the International Forestry Students’ Association (IFSA).

    This great opportunity has been given to NUBiP student because of his position as a liaison officer between IUFRO and IFSA. Volodymyr has occupied this position since his participation in the International Symposium of Forestry Students in Estonia, where he represented Kyiv Forestry Students’ Association (KFSA).
    During the first two days, Volodymyr as a listener of the extended board meeting of IUFRO, became acquainted with the work of the largest research association. He personally met IUFRO president, CEO and almost all heads of IUFRO scientific units, as well as the heads of other leading international organizations, in particular, the FAO. Also during these two days, an extremely important document, the Memorandum of Understanding, was approved in close collaboration between experienced scientists and student community. It will allow IFSA to vote at IUFRO meetings.

    A pre-congress tour in the form of various trainings was organized to prepare the participants for future work, as well as for closer acquaintance. At the beginning of the tour, more than 50 participants split into teams with common interests. Each team was given a forestry-related issue. The task was to explain the issue to another group, which in turn had to offer solutions to the problem. Of course, discussions and heated debates arose during the course of the task, but in the end, everyone came to the conclusion that sustainable forestry was the most beneficial for humanity and the planet. The training was extremely successful.

    The Congress consisted of plenary sessions, sub-plenary sessions, technical sessions, poster sessions, technical tours, side events, and trade fair/exhibition. The main topics of the Congress were:

  1. Forests for People
  2. Forests and Climate Change
  3. Forests and Forest Products for a Greener Future
  4. Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Biological Invasions
  5. Forests, Soil and Water Interactions

        There were specialized IFSA meetings, focusing on the learning process in different countries and various exchange and study programs.
    On the third day of the Congress, everyone was invited to enjoy free tours. Volodymyr Kravets visited the University of Forestry in Curitiba and learned a lot about forestry in Brazil.

    One of the events organized by IFSA was a mentoring program. NUBiP student also participated in this program and had the opportunity to meet and talk to a professor in forest health form South Africa.

    In addition, Volodymyr Kravets attended the presentation of the next World Congress, which will be held in Stockholm in 2024.

    During the Gala Dinner, IFSA management had the opportunity to get acquainted with Head of Education and Research Institute of Forestry and Landscape-Park Management Petro Lakyda and NUBiP prominent scientist and graduate, Anatoliy Shvydenko, who also participated in the Congress.

    After two busy weeks of the Congress, attended by 3,000 scientists from more than 90 countries, Volodymyr returned home full of impressions, unique experiences and acquaintances.

    All these opportunities Volodymyr received thanks to his work in Kyiv Forestry Students’ Association. He sincerely invites everyone to join this scientific group, gain access to such extraordinary opportunities and open the world of science.


Volodymyr Kravets,
a second-year student of the ERI of
Forestry and Landscape-Park Management
Ganna Lobchenko,
Head of Kyiv Forestry Students’ Association



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