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October 22, 2019

At a meeting of students of 10-11th grades in the walls of their native school with their oldest friends, and now students of NULES of Ukraine were presented information about the benefits of studying in the prestigious FEA of Ukraine. In addition, students learned to objectively self-analyze the level of development of their professionally important qualities and to correlate them with the requirements of the professions presented for familiarization, became acquainted with the requirements for their own successful future. They also learned about the professional trends of the 21st century and how they influence self-realization.
Active freshmen students are involved in the successful implementation of effective vocational guidance in secondary schools assigned to the Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogics.
The first year students of NULES of Ukraine Yevgeniy Kukharenko and Iryna Hodiuk visited their native schools: Snovsky Secondary School, Snovsky District, Chernihiv Region, and secondary school of Zhytomyr Region, where they provided detailed information about the Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy and other faculties.

Assistant professor of the English language department
for technical and agrobiological specialties
O. Ponomarenko

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