The profession of my dreams!

October 21, 2019

Choosing the future by panically preparing for the ZNO of all possible subjects is a stress not only for the teenager but also for his parents. There is a fear of choosing not to be wrong, to spoil one's life, not to cope, to realize that it is not at all. Orientation theory says that what you want, what you can, and what the market needs should be combined. What the market needs can be more or less tracked on dedicated portals. What you can do is just your parish, you have to know yourself very well. Fortunately, there are many opportunities now to choose the one that best suits the child's psychological characteristics, desires and interests.
But teenagers are still afraid to choose a profession, in particular, because they do not know much about it, and therefore listen to the thoughts of their senior friends, parents, and teachers.
Within the framework of the cooperation enshrined in the bilateral cooperation agreement, students of Kuzminogrebelsk Secondary School, Khristinovsky district, Cherkasy region from their student, and now a successful student of NULES of Ukraine, Melnik Ivan 17.10.2019 were reminded once again of the specialties and advantages of studying in one of the prestigious Ukrainian higher establishments.

Assistant professor of the English language department
for technical and agrobiological specialties
O. Ponomarenko

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