Best and warm wishes Professor Johann Georg Goldammer!

August 23, 2019

Professor Johann G. Goldammer – outstanding person of the modern world, our partner and honorary doctor of the NUBiP of Ukraine, director of Global Fire Monitoring Center, world-famous scientist in the area of forest fires and leader of the global network of fire management centers – supported the initiative of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine on establishing Regional Eastern Europe Fire Monitoring Center on the basis of the Institute of Forestry and Landscape-Park Management in 2013. The Center now serves as a platform for knowledge and experience exchange between forest enterprises, scientific and educational institutions and agencies, which are responsible for firefighting.
Within the framework of international cooperation with professor Johann G. Goldammer first long-term fire experiments in the forests of Boyarka Forest Experimental Station were established, initiated transborder cooperation in fire management on the border with Belorussia, including the Exclusion Zone, scientific projects in the JFO zone together with OSCE and the European Council were implemented, methodology of training firefighters at forest fire stations was engrained, first Ukrainian terminological dictionaries were elaborated, draft law of Ukraine on reducing agricultural burnings was developed, development of basics of forest fire policy in Ukraine, and the process of formation of the national network of forest fires experts has started.

With best wishes from Kyiv,
Sergiy Zibtsev, Petro Lakyda, Anatoliy Karpuk,
Vasyl Gumeniuk, Oleksandr Soshenskiy

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