Katerina Lozotskaya - gold medalist of the II stage of the Ukrainian competition of student's scientific papers in the specialty "Accounting and taxation"

April 27, 2019

 The National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit of Ukraine hosted the Ukrainian competition of student's scientific papers in the specialty "Accounting and Taxation". 132 students' scholarly works from 65 institutions of higher education of Ukraine were submitted for participation in the competition. Traditionally, the competition was held in two stages: correspondence (review of student's research papers); The final (final scientific and practical conference on the protection of works), which took place in the form of a report and a deep scientific discussion. The branch competition commission, according to the rating, allowed 35 works to participate in the final scientific-practical conference.

   NULES of Ukraine represented Kateryna Lozotskaya with scientific supervisor E. Kalyuga and Vladislav Alyoshin with scientific supervisor Natalya Kuzyk.

        The competition committee highly evaluated the quality of the presentation of the scientific work of Kateryna Lozotskaya, the relevance and depth of the study, presented author's designs and proposals, the availability of a large number of publications on the topic of research. Undoubtedly, the degree of possession of material and the ability to reasonably answer the questions and demonstrate the abilities for research work was decisive.
Diploma I degree Kateryna Lozotskaya confirmed the high level of training in the specialty "Accounting and taxation". We sincerely congratulate the winner and scientific leader E. Kalyuga and wish them creative inspiration and further success in the scientific field!

N. Kuzyk

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