April 22, 2019
At the Faculty of Economics there was a lecture of the professor of the University of Missouri (USA) Sounak Chakraborty on the topic "Using the methods of statistical machine learning in solving practical problems".
During the lecture, features of the study at the University of Missouri (USA) and the Faculty of Statistics, the directions of its scientific work were considered.
 Particular attention was paid to the methods of statistical machine learning. It was noted that the field of Machine Learning is actively developing. At present, specialists who are able to combine understanding of the basics of probability theory and statistics and programming skills (Python, R) come to the fore.
Important role is given to such specialists as Data Scientists (data processing specialists who have programming skills and mathematical modeling, they can design engineer algorithms for machine learning and new data models, as well as work with them) and Data Analysts (professionals who sift data and try) establish what information is being said about what numeric patterns exist and what decisions can be made based on these findings, and they visualize the data).
Significant interest in the presence of a new direction in the processing of large data – DataMining and its methods.
 A logical extension was the master class on using the statistical program R, which took place on April 8. Participation in this was accepted by the members of the Department of Statistics and Economic Analysis, students of the Master specialty "Accounting and taxation" specialization "Strategic accounting and business-social analysis" and graduate students of the Faculty of Economics.

L. Volyak

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