April 18, 2019

  Traditionally in the spring the NULES of Ukraine officially opens the Student Science Festival. This year, the students of the Faculty of Economics seemed to be the first to present the results of achievements in scientific and innovative activities, which greatly helps to form a modern, competent, highly skilled, competitive and creative specialist in the labor market.

    Professor A. Dibrova, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, opened the meeting of the Student Science Festival and congratulated all the participants, thanked the leaders, leaders and members of the circles for the persistent work during the academic year, noted the importance of the event, and wished good performances to the elders and good work members of the competition commission.

    The Festival featured 15 student groups from the Faculty of Economics that presented the academic achievements for the 2018-2019 academic year and the strategy for their development.
    High-ranking members of the jury, including representatives of the Union of Young Scientists of NULES of Ukraine, the Council of Postgraduate Students, the Student Scientific Club, as well as scientific and pedagogical workers from each structural unit of the Research Institute of Economics and Management, assessed achievements of scientific circles.









    It is worth noting that scientific circles are constantly developing, diversifying their activities, applying innovative technologies and modern cognitive methods in order to best reveal their potential and present high-level results of their activities.

O. Faichuk

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