Teachers of the Department of Economics of the enterprise named after. prof. I.N. Romanenko are the active participants in increasing of professional and pedagogical competence

April 16, 2019

    In today's conditions, when more requirements are put forward to scientific and pedagogical workers, the teachers of the Department of Economics of the enterprise named after. prof. I.N. Romanenko constantly strives to improve their professional competencies.

   In April professor Rogach S. participated in the scientific and pedagogical seminar "Innovative Approaches to Increasing the Professional and Pedagogical Competence of Teachers of Modern Higher Education Institutions" held at the Pridneprovska State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture (Dnipro). Within the framework of the seminar, the participants discussed the issues of modernization of the national education system, problems of the quality of professional development of educational workers, development of its contemporary content. The speakers and participants of the event paid special attention to the need for the growth of the professional culture of pedagogical workers as highly educated, competent individuals capable of working in conditions of competition, entrepreneurship and market relations.

 On April 11-12, 2019, an international conference "Academic Integrity: Practical Dimension" was held in the premises of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, the participants of which were Associate Professor T. Mirzoeva and O. Cherednichenko. Within the framework of the conference, panel discussions were held on actual scientific topics. Also, the participants of the conference have listened to a series of reports, which were devoted to the basic principles of academic integrity, codes of integrity for universities, factors of influence on academic integrity, tools for ensuring academic integrity in the educational process, secrets to the success of the use of anti-plagiarism systems, etc.

T. Mirzoeva


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