Blocchain and artificial intelligence: on the discussion of students and faculty-stockists

April 8, 2019

       During the week a lecture-debate on the subject "Blokchain and artificial intelligence" was held by one of the developers of cryptology, a graduate of Blockchain Academy and a listener of Unit Factory, winner of the Ukrainian Hackathon from Blockchain I. Kachka.

   The event was attended by participants of the "Broker" circle of the Department of Exchanges Activity and Trade, headed by the head of the circle, assistant professor L. Pankratova and students of the 4th year of the specialty "Business Economics". The active participants of the discussion were lecturers of the Department – Professor M. Solodky and associate professor V. Yavorska.


Ilya Kachka spoke about the evolution of the monetary system and the prerequisites for the emergence of crypto-currency. The speaker disclosed the fundamentals of the blockade technology, finance, described the types of cryptography and their use in modern economic systems, the possibilities of cryptography and their advantages over ordinary currencies, etc. Then the meeting took place in the form of a dispute with the participation of the speaker, students and teachers.


   In general, the meeting was useful, both for the listeners and for the speaker, who was interested in the opinion of the students of the economic training profile for their future IT developments. Therefore, we have agreed on further cooperation and meeting!


    L. Pankratova
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