About Open Door Day at Faculty of Economics

April 1, 2019
     On March 28, 2019 NULES of Ukraine hosted students, parents and teachers at the next "Open Door Days". Rector S. Nikolayenko addressed the guests with greetings, he acquainted with the history of NULES of Ukraine, its structure, the organization of the educational process, the advantages of studying at the university. Students have the opportunity to earn a double diploma and practice abroad, to take part in a large number of sports sections and clubs. Rector S. Nikolayenko said: “Your choice of specialty, the ability to work and study will determine whether you become successful. And the passage in this successful future is hard work, intelligence and will power that will help to self-organize and use all the enormous opportunities that our university opens to our students and graduates”.

    Now there is report about Open Door Day at Faculty of Economics.
   The Department of Exchange Activity and trade is always hospitably open the door to its guests. Yes, it happened this time too. The graduates of Svyatopetrivskaya school of Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district, schools of Bila Tserkva and the Kyiv region – our potential students.
   The excursion was conducted by the head of the department N. Reznik, associate professor A. Slobodyanyk and masters of the first year of studying. The young guests were interested in everything: specialties, peculiarities of study, material provision of the university, hostel, tuition, employment opportunities.
    And how nice it is to be aware that the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine can be proud of and provide its student with all possible amenities and most favorable conditions for an unforgettable student life, obtaining the full range of modern knowledge and their practical use, so necessary in the labor market, guaranteed employment with decent earnings.
After all, the modern teaching laboratories of the university, educational programs, curricula, the level of scientific and pedagogical workers are called to form high-quality specialists for the modern labor market.


   For example, at the Department of Exchange Activity and trade, a modern educational and scientific production laboratory base was created (laboratory "Exchange activity", room 509). The lab is based on the platforms of the latest generation of companies. During the excursion to the laboratory, where the graduates of the specialty were practicing, traders A. Trigubchenko and O. Tyagnirdyn showed the opportunities of stock trading and talked about prospects and benefits after obtaining a diploma, their experience of studying.


The audience is equipped with modern equipment, which allows using the latest trading platforms of various stock markets. An important element is a television with an acoustic system that performs on-line the transmitter of information for students, with the help of which, teachers at any moment have the opportunity to demonstrate the indicators of trading in the stock market in real time.


For seminars and laboratory classes, students have access to training accounts from Saxo Bank, one of the world's leading and most renowned brokers.
Using academic accounts, students have the opportunity to test their knowledge by manipulating financial instruments of the stock market, that is, selling or buying one or another derivative. Using this approach to conducting seminars, students can assess the significance of the acquired knowledge only by looking at the balance of the study account at the end of the classroom, the results of which can vary significantly from the original.




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