The department of exchange activity and trade is expanding their links with Agritel, a French company

September 14, 2018

     The number of Master students of the specialty «Entrepreneuship, trade, and exchange activity» increased more than twice in 2018. Moreover, this is the first time when we enrolled Bachelors who chose this specialty to be their future career. 

     The department utilises elements of dual education in our academic process. Many universities of the world acknowledge dual education because of its efficiency. This approach enables employers and students to have a close contact at the beginning of the academic process. Elements of dual education help to introduce new courses which have a practical focus and include employers’ advice.

      Faculty staff of the department of exchange activity and trade teach students such courses as «The analysis and the prediction of change market», «Price and price making», «Public purchases and stock exchange e-commerce», «E-commerce». Moreover, a fundamental part of theoretical knowledge is cultivated in lecture offices while practical classes are conducted in an academic, research and production laboratory of exchange activity and during internship and training.
     Better students who manifest good analytical skills and talents in exchange trading at an exchange market have their internship at the corresponding companies. One of our partners to support dual education is company Agritel.

     French analytical company Agritel has been the partner of our department for many years. Moreover, this company is one of the most significant employers for our graduates. This company is one of the leaders in the area of the analysis of consignment markets, the development of strategies of the management of price risks, the prediction of price conjuncture. The company has been at an agrarian market of France since 2001, and in Ukraine since 2009. 
 The head of Agritel Ukrainian office Olivier Bouye has been cooperating with our department since Agritel came to Ukrainian market. More than 15 graduates of our department have trained in this company.

    Not long ago Masters of «Exchange activity» visited French company Agritel. They were welcomed by our graduates Alina Yanovska and Mykola Kozlov. The company is ready to train two or three brilliant students.
 We have also agreed to develop the cooperation and involve leading specialists-analysts in lecturing and conducting workshops in laboratories of the department of exchange activity and trade.

     The implementation of elements of dual education in training Master students will enable students to improve their qualification, practical training which in its turn will help them to be more competitive at the labour market.

Valentyna Yavorska,

an associate professor of the department
of exchange activity and trade 

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