October 24, 2018

The right choice of a profession is one of the components of the success of a modern person. The situation on the labor market all over the world and in the Ukrainian economy is changing dynamically. In order to realize themselves and achieve the desired heights in work, it is necessary to give proper attention to vocational guidance in advance.
Today, the issue of employment after higher education is even more urgent. Entering for education to NULES it means opening the most priority options for building a career for themselves with this education.
The question "Who should be?" – a vital issue. The answer to it affects all the further human life. In order not to be lost, to properly orient, find your place in the world of occupations is difficult, especially the young man finishing school. It must stop choosing a profession that is important, necessary for society and appropriate to its own inquiries and interests. Help the boy or girl find their place in life and vocational guidance is called.
Therefore, the assistant professor of English language department for technical and agrobiological specialties Ponomarenko O.G. informed the schoolchildren of secondary schools of the Podilskyi district, № 63 and №193 about prestigious specialties presented at the humanities and pedagogical faculty and in NULES of Ukraine and the possibilities of further employment, and also invited on Open Day on 1.11.18.

 O. Ponomarenko


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