Department of Culturology

Address: 15, Heroyiv Oborony str., educational building 3, room 76, Kyiv, 03041, Ukraine

Tel.: (044) 527-88-12

E-mail: [email protected]

Head of Department:
Mysiura T. M.

PhD in Philosophy


General information
The Department of Culturology was established in May 2002.

The Department staff:
1 professor - Sova M.O., Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor;
7 associate professors - Melnychuk T.F., Syrovatskyi S.A., Pantalijenko V.V., Voznjuk N.M., Hryshchenko I.V., Semenovskyi S.A., Puzyrenko J.V.
1 senior lecturer - Mysiura T. M.

Educational activities
The Department specializes at two major courses: Culturology and Artistry.
The following disciplines are taught at the Department:
 Culturology
 Ukrainian and World Literature
 Ethics and Aesthetics
 The History of Ukrainian Culture
 The Philosophy of Science
 Judicial Rhetoric
 The Basics of teacher Training and Psychology
 International protocol
 Ornamental Floristy
 Family Culture and Household Economics
 Document Science
 Folk Arts
 Folk Songs Performance
 Folk Dance
 Academic Choral Singing
 Ballet Dance
 Variety Performance and Solo Singing
 Pop-Group
 Variety Youth Programs
 Theatre Arts
 Rhythm and Melodics of the Modern Poem
 Classical Music (Solo Singing)
 Instrumental Performance and Academic Singing
 Social and Public Functions of Music Art
 Masterpieces of World Culture
 Group Singing and Instrumental Performance
 Folk Stage Dance

Research and innovation activities
Scientific and research activity is conducted by the topic “The investigation of cultural integration of higher education of Ukraine into European system of universities for life sciences: monitoring of the situation and implementation perspectives”
The organization and conduction of:
-International conference related to gender issues
-Seminars in educational activity for regional institutions of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine
-Students conferences

International events and links
The Chair of Culturology collaborates with:
• The Institute of Arts Sciences, Folklore Studies and Ethnology named after M.T. Ryl’skyi of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (separate villages folklore records, publishing the Ukrainian folk songs collection, Bila Village, Chemerovetsky District, Khmel’nytskyi Region);
• Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University (the conduction of scientific and practical conferences for teaching staff and students);
• National Pedagogical University (the conduction of joint concerts-lectures);
• Educational establishments of North Dakota State and Nebraska State (USA) (the conduction of teachers workshops and concerts-lectures aiming to popularize Ukrainian folk art).

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