Make a conscious choice!

October 11, 2018

The choice of profession is one of the main life choices that a person performs at a young age.  It has great value both for the person himself and for the society.  Choosing a profession is, in essence, a choice of life path, a choice of fate.
The correct choice of profession leads to moral satisfaction, positive self-esteem, high productivity, and product quality.  It is the point in which the interests of the individual and society converge, a combination of personal and general interests.
     The main purpose of vocational guidance work carried out by active students of the professional guidance team of the NULES is, of course, to help students with the knowledge of the institution, the prospects of studying in it, the specialties that can be obtained, the prospects of studying at the humanities and pedagogical faculty, with the choice of the profile of education,  and further professional activity.  By their own example, students are encouraging students to study at NULES visiting the Sarny "School-Collegium", Sarny, Rivny region.

O. Ponomarenko

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