How to Find You True Vocation?

October 9, 2018

 Quite recently in schools the first rings were heard and studying process began, but schoolchildren are actively interested in information about educational establishments, way that they need to choose in the future. It appears however, that the schoolchildren do not know, who want to be in the future, that is why they need help and additional information about establishments of higher education.
Where to enter, what profession choose? - It is as though playing roulette. Someone wins, someone loses. In a few 11-th forms only some of students knows exactly, who want to become in the future. And they are afraid most exactly to make a mistake with a choice.
For this reason, a vocational guidance brigade from the active students of NULES, visited secondary schools: Tsyblyvska secondary school, Pereyaslav Hmelnytsky district, Kyiv region and Lysnykivska scool, Kyiv region, showing on an own example advantages in relation to electing of NULES and prestige professions that can be got in it, and especially on humanitarian-pedagogical faculty.

O. Ponomarenko

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