Members of Food Safety Short Course Penn State University / NULES are traveling again

16 June 2018, 4:06

It was so sweet tour today! We traveled a long way almost 150 km to learn more about the process of producing the famous ice cream of "Rud" compahy.

It was a very long and informative excursion. We saw the production process, tasted the popular products of this company and, of course, each of us brought something new for ourselves.

Recycles 300 tons of milk. The key product of the company is ice cream: it produces about 150 tons per day.

We are very grateful to all the participants of the tour, the organizers Natalia, Елена Очколяс, Oleksandr Labenko, as well as Katherine, Martin, Ramaswamy and Tobin for explaining many production points during the excursion!

PhD of vet.sci Kucheruk Maria

Student Plahun Anna

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