Food Safety Short Course program will take place at the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences (NULES) in Kyiv, Ukraine.

June 10, 2018
NULES, Ukraine

 Microbial hurdle activity with presentations by participants! For this exercise, we looked at the stability of cereal/grain, apricot, mushroom, beef, and dairy products.Busy day in the laboratory, making cheese and beef jerky....while learning about food science and food safety!

We discussed several types of food processes, including refrigeration, microwaving, and heat treatments. We capped off the afternoon with a session on sensory analysis. Participants tasted and assessed different chocolates from the USA. Then, they sampled their jerky from yesterday's lab, commercially processed jerky from the USA and Ukraine, as well as various dairy products. Yum!Another incredible and positive day! We learned more about food processing, tasted the legendary Hersheys and Dove, as well as various jerky meat and dairy products! Many thanks to Katherine, Martin, Ramaswamy, Tobin and Oleksandr for such an amazing day!

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