Scientists of Faculty of Land Management of NUBiP of Ukraine at Going International 2018 in Kaunas (Lithuania)

April 3, 2018

     It is the fourth year that Kaunas (Lithuania) has been hosting an international conference within «Going International». This year the conference took place between March 19 and 23.
      Participants from 20 countries came to Kaunas to take part in this conference. Scientists of Faculty of Land Management of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine also participated in this event.
      The goal of this conference is to discuss new technologies and their implementation in business, industry, healthcare and welfare of residents; these technologies focus on regional development.
      Panel speakers are professionals and experts in the sphere of innovations and sustainable development.
      Panel speakers presented applied research outcomes and shared their visions of information technologies in state sector, ecology and business.
      Іllia Laurs is an investor, a business of a new generation, head and founder of venture fund «Nextury Ventures». He spoke about trends and novices in the area of innovations and entrepreneurship.

     Daumantas Simenas, a project manager of «Free economic dimension of Panevezys», spoke about how a province can turn into a centre of robotics in Northern and Eastern Europe.

     A teacher of a Kaunas collegium Audrina Alsothe, an expert in issues about stability in Baltic ecological forum, spoke about prospects of sustainable development.

     Prof. Dr. Hamza Abbas Al-Sebas, a professor of University of Middle East (Jordan), spoke about information technologies and safety of personal data.

     After the panel participants discussed issues in groups, such as a group of ecological engineering, urban development, food industry, furniture manufacturing, information technologies and others.
      Liudmyla Hunko, an associate professor of the department of land-use planning of NUBiP of Ukraine, made a speech about problems of publicity of bridge construction documentation. This documentation outlines main foci of the development, design, construction and other uses of a land territory. Many violations when using lands could be avoided if local authorities followed the principles of General Layout, and if residents knew about the contents of these documents and monitored their fulfilment.



      Participants shares ideas about technological and ecological innovations, and technological entrepreneurship as factors of economic growth and social changes in regions.

    Specialists of Faculty of Land Management came back with new experience and knowledge. They are full of energy to utilise it in the university.

Yuliia Moros,
a 1st category specialist
translated by Olena Soloviova

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