9 May 2018, 14:13

Studying "English professional language" it is very important to deepen the interest of students in attending various thematic events, where one can discuss everything has has studied on English classes, thus consolidating the technical terms studied during the year. That is why, students of the first year of the Faculty of Construction and Design were invited to visit the exhibition of retro cars Old Car Land, held in April-May 2018 at the State Museum of Aviation.
At the Old Car Land Festival under the wings of 90 aircraft annually exhibited about a thousand unique samples of exclusive vehicles: retro cars, retro motorcycles, retro bikes, retro mopeds, retro trucks, retro buses.

Packard Single Eight 143, the oldest show car (1923), was the first brought to Kiev by the autocirculum "Aleksandrovsky" from Zaporozhye, an absolute show-stopper of the exhibition. In addition, the attention was drawn to the American oil-car from the 60s, VW Iltis, the floating conveyor LuAZ-967 TPK, several "charged" models of the BMW 80-90 years in excellent condition, and much more.
The show has left unforgettable impressions and caused a lot of student satisfaction.

Oksana Ponomarenko,
Associate professor of English language department
for technical and agrobiological specialties

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