The Academic Mobility Program at the University of Foggia promotes the qualification of faculty members of the Economic Faculty

May 11, 2018
In the framework of the program of academic mobility from February 1 to April 30 2018, Ph.D., associate professor of the Department of Statistics and Economic Analysis Oksana Makarchuk visited the Faculty of Economics at the University of Foggia (Italy) as scientific and pedagogical teacher.
Oksana Makarchuk presented the Economic Faculty of NULES of Ukraine, in particular presented the history and multi-vector activity of the faculty. For bachelor degree students together with prof. E. Sika held seminars on discipline “Monetary Economics”. Students showed interest not only in the subject of their study, but also in the economy of Ukraine, in particular, the efficiency of agriculture branches.
The main direction was the scientific work, which was aimed at studying concern the theme “Searching for market integration: evidence from Ukraine and EU rapeseed markets”.
Participation in this program will contribute to the improvement of the educational and scientific approaches at the department. With the help of academic mobility, it is possible to continue cooperation with Economic Faculty of University of Foggia in terms of teaching and research and publication of joint articles.
Vasyl Savchuk,

Head of the Department of Statistics and Economic Analysis  

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