NUBiP of Ukraine’s students from Ghana celebrate their country’s Independence Day

March 14, 2018

     Students from Ghana, who are currently studying at our university attended the events to celebrate Ghana’s Independence Day. The celebrations were initiated by Ghana’s National Student Council and the Consular of Republic of Ghana in Ukraine.

     Our university was also invited to these celebrations. The delegation was headed by Volodymyr Afanasenko, vice-head of ERI of international activity. Students of Faculty of Agricultural and Biological Sciences, Plant Protection, Biotechnologies and Ecology and learners of the pre-study department took an аctive part in the organization of this event.

     The event brightly presented history and national cultural traditions of Ghana. Republic of Ghana is the first country in the eastern Africa which got its independence on March, 6 1957. Europeans often named the territory of present Ghana, «a golden coast» because of much gold. Nowadays the population of Ghana is more than 26, 000 people who speak more than 40 languages and 200 dialects.
     The Consul of Republic of Ghana in Ukraine greeted the participants of the celebrations and emphasized that independence is the possibility of challenging efforts for the future and Ghana’s youth are not only leaders of the future but also leaders of today’s. That is why all students should stand all opportunities which are offered by Ukrainian higher educational establishments.

     Both Ukrainian and Ghana amateur groups performed brightly at the concert. At the end of the celebrations all participants could try dishes of national cuisine of Ghana.

Quire James Brown,
a fourth-year-of-study student of Faculty of Agricultural and Biological Sciences
translated by Olena Soloviova

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