IGI Global Publishing House (Pennsylvania, USA) published Handbook of Research on Renewable Energy and Electric Resources for Sustainable Rural Development, written by NUBiP of Ukraine’s researchers

March 16, 2018

      IGI Global (earlier Idea Group Publishing) is an international academic publishing house which publishes the outcomes of research. It is located in Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA. This publishing house publishes books, encyclopedias, journals and academic materials. Published materials are indexed by Cabell, Compendex, Inspec, PsycINFO, Scopus and Thomson Reuters.

     The published monograph focuses at presenting the material and achievements in electrical technologies, effective utilizing electrical resources and renewable energy sources (https://www.igi-global.com/book/handbook-research-renewable-energy-electric/181763#table-of-contents).

     The authors of this monograph are researchers from different countries who deal with energy efficiency, energy saving technologies, and energy supplying systems. NUBiP of Ukraine is presented by professor Volodymyr Kozyrskyi, associate professor Vitalii Savchenko and associate professor Oleksandr Syniavskyi (Chapter 24. Presowing Processing of Seeds in Magnetic Field, pages 576-620).


     Scientists from 5 countries reviewed the material of the monograph and gave their positive recommendations.
      Chapters of the monograph are as follows: solar systems, wind devices; small hydroelectric stations; specific methods of assessing, the manufacturing and utilizing of co-generating modules; recommendations how to use wind electric stations; the potential of renewable energy resources in different countries and distant areas; innovational air lines 10…110 kW; and others.
      The goal of our research was to figure out how magnetic field affects the seeds and to design the most efficient regime of pre-sowing processing of seeds in magnetic field.
     Our researchers found out that magnetic field accelerates chemical reactions in plant cells, increases the solvability of salts and fertilizers and plant membrane permeability. It, in its turn, enhances the diffusion of molecules and ions which ends up with the increase of ions concentration in the cell and the increase of water absorption of seeds. Pre-sowing processing of seeds in magnetic field increases plant growth by 25 – 40%, and by 30 – 35%. The best results were received when energy dose of processing was not large (1,5–2,5 J∙s/kg).
      The most effective regime for seed processing in magnetic field is magnetic induction which equals 0,065 Тl, four-time re-magnetizing and seed velocity of 0,4 m/s. Under these conditions the average yield increases by 20-25%, and the yield is higher quality.

     Researchers of ERI of energetics, automation and energy saving are invited to publish the outcomes of their further research in the next monograph «USE OF WIND INSTALLATIONS IN RURAL ELECTRIC NETWORKS».

Semen Voloshyn,
vice director of ERI of energetics, automation and energy saving
translated by Olena Soloviova

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