International Students are celebrating International Day Navruz!

March 23, 2018

      On March 21, events to celebrate International Day Navruz were held in Kyiv. The event was initiated by the Council of National Communities of Ukraine, State department for nationalities affairs and religions and supported by Kyiv city state administration, diplomacies and partners-organizations.

     Some believe that the origin of the festival is connected with the Sun and the appearance of the first calendar of farmers. In legends, a lot of important events happened on this day. That is why Navruz was acknowledged by Turkic people as the beginning of New Year and has been celebrated ever since.
     For many years this festival has been strengthening relations between countries and popularizing historical and cultural traditions of different nations who live on the area from Central Asia to Middle East.

     It has become a tradition for our students to participate in these celebrations. This year students from Tadjikistan, Afghanistan, and Azerbarijan joined students from Turkmenistan to celebrate Navruz.

     Students had a great opportunity to get into the environment of national traditions and rituals, try national cuisines. In the evening everyone enjoyed their time visiting an impressive concert.

Aidjahan Kertikova,
a second-year student of Law Faculty
translated by Olena Soloviova

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