NUBiP of Ukraine is the third among university networking academies CISCO in Kyiv

February 1, 2018

     Last week Program of networking academies CISCO celebrated its 20th anniversary in Ukraine. Kyiv hosted an international conference to mark this event. More than 300 networking academies of Ukraine which represent CISCO in their institutions participated in this conference. Karsten Simons made a speech at the forum. He is a regional manager of programs of corporate social accountability of CISCO in countries of Europe, CIS, and Israel.

     He pointed out a rapid evolvement of networking academies in Ukraine. Ukraine is now among the top among former CIS countries. The work of each instructor is crucially important for every educational establishment. Academic courses of CISCO are free for participants, they just need to pay fee to take a test after specific courses. Many guests made speeches, conducted workshops about internet-things, systems of information protection, etc.

     One of the events was an online-bridge with Polish colleagues from Krakow. Participants discussed project “An incubator of CISCO engineers”. The speaker of this online-bridge was Olena Domotenko, a manager of corporate social accountability of CISCO.

     The final event of the forum was awarding best educational establishments which contributed the most to the development of networking academies. A networking academy CISCO in NUBiP of Ukraine, which was created in NUBiP of Ukraine two years ago, became the third among Kyiv universities. It became possible due to successful work of teachers-instructors of Information and Distance Technologies Department and Computer Systems and Networks Department such as Tetiana Voloshyna and Taisiia Sayapina, Andrii Blozva and Dmytro Kasatkin. Thirty best instructors were recognised from 300 academies of Ukraine. Andrii Blozva was awarded for the development of university academy and diligent volunteering in conducting classes for military communication agents of ATO.


     Our delegation had talks with colleagues from other academies and universities to further cooperate in the sphere of information technologies, and discussed how to attract more employers and how to present our university in other institutions.

Olena Hlazunova,
dean of Information Technologies Faculty
translated by Olena Soloviova

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