The Department of Administrative Management and Foreign Economic Аctivity took part in the work of the IV British-Ukrainian Business Forum: "Sustainable Development in Agribusiness"

February 23, 2018
Department of Administrative Management and Foreign Economic Activity

    22 February 2018, on the initiative of the Head of the Department of Administrative Management and Foreign Economic Activity, prof. V.P. Galushko, scientific and pedagogical staff of this structural unit together with the students of the 4th year of the 8th specialty "Management" (on the specialty "Management of Foreign Economic Activity") visited the IV British-Ukrainian Agribusiness Forum "Sustainable Development in Agribusiness" within the framework of the VIII International Exhibition "Grain Technologies".

       Important guests opened the event: Olga Trofimtseva - Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine on European Integration, Katie Cottrell - First Secretary of the British Embassy in Ukraine and Taras Vysotsky - General Director of the Association "Ukrainian Agribusiness Club".

       Department members and students have listened to interesting reports on the following topics: energy use of plant remains: prospects of application; innovative approaches in crop production; agriculture - space view: satellite data for improving land asset management; British innovations in legumes biological inoculants; Biogas complexes for small and medium farms: prospects of application; additional income when investing in biogas; balancing of rations for a flock of herds: the truth and myths; raising profitability in livestock production.

    As a result of participation in the agricultural business forum received many contemporary applications of knowledge and new information on the sustainable development of world agriculture.




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