Our university is developing and expanding its international cooperation

January 9, 2018

     The question which interests university journalists today is what achievements NUBiP of Ukraine got in the area of international cooperation in 2017.

     Vadym Tkachuk, vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work, international activity and development: In 2017 we signed agreements with such leading universities in the world as Penn State University (the USA), Missouri State University (the USA), Chonbuk National University (South Korea), Iğdır University (Turkey). It is highly important to cooperate with leading universities. Additionally, we worked hard to realize some of the existing projects, to apply for different grants, and to develop academic mobility.

     We are proud to be in 200-top universities of Eastern Europe and Asia according to QS ranking. Just about 50 university lecturers trained and held lectures abroad; more than 300 of university faculty staff participated in international conferences, symposiums, etc. 145 students were on work experience, attended conferences, participated in student exchange programs. More than 30 lectures were conducted by leading scientists from the USA, Israel, Germany, Brazil, Poland, France, Italy, and Rumania. Almost 1,300 students took practical classes at enterprises of Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, and Poland. Additionally, just about 40 students participated in student academic exchange programs such as ERASMUS and MEVLANA. It is nearly 4,000 000 hrn of the total amount of money financed by European Commission to support mobility between university students. We actively cooperate with Norwegian University of Life Sciences in the sphere of radiology and radioecology. We are about to get two ERASMUS grants which focus «The Development of Possibilities» and one Jean Monnet grant. Our teachers are grantees of Faculty Exchange program (the USA). We are working at joint projects with Fukushima University. Researchers from Penn State University are to conduct a certified course «Food safety» in June, 2018. Delegations from Federal land of Bavaria and Ministry of agriculture of Czech Republic visited our University in 2017.

     We are realizing double diploma projects with such universities as Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Slovak Agricultural University, Pomorska Akademia in Slupsk.

     National contact center of European program Horison-2020 is now hosted by NUBiP of Ukraine.

     Center for International Activity are doing our best to realize these and other projects in 2018.

Iryna Bilous,
translated by Olena Soloviova

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