Ten NUBiP Students are Winners of National «Аgro 2018» Competition

December 15, 2017

     Borys Kolesnikov Charitable Foundation announced 30 winners of National Educational project «Аgro 2018». Among the winners there are 10 students of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine.

     1,500 participants from 20 higher agricultural institutions of Ukraine were able to present and confirm feasibility of their own projects in the competition which was conducted by «APK-invest». The authors of original projects will attend International Agricultural Exhibition Fieragricola 2018 in Verona.

     In B. Kolesnikov’s words “we have gathered here to discuss the future of Ukraine’s sector of agriculture. The more profound knowledge you (students) have, the more prosperous our country, families and individuals become”. He also points out that modern technologies yield good results even having scarce productive areas. But it is not enough to produce or manufacture products. A high achiever is the one who can promote this product at world’s markets.

     Rector Stanislav Nikolaienko accentuates that the agricultural sector of Ukraine needs investment, young ambitious specialists and an innovative approach. Project “Agro 2018” has set a definite purpose that is to train creative and innovative professionals. And NUBiP of Ukraine is the right educational establishment to gain knowledge through hands-on learning. One-third of the winners are mostly agricultural students of NUBiP of Ukraine. More winners from our university would go to Verona, the mother town of the most beloved Romeo and Juliette, if students of all faculties and institutes had participated in this competition. Our university has good expectations for the next year contest as this competition is announced to be annual.

     Who are the winners?
     We are proud to name Agricultural students such as Oleh Zahorodnii, Oleksandr Buleiko, Valeriia Smyrnova, Andrii Argirov, Matei Bihun, Iryna Stetsenko, Economy students Zhanna and Yana Pavlenko, Animal Sciences and Water Bioresources student Alina Dibrivna, Land Management student Veronika Savchenko.

     Let us have a detailed look at some of the projects.
    Oleh Zahorodnii’s project «Soy beans sowing on after harvested territories of North and Central Forest and Steppe of Ukraine» takes into account climate changes which enable farmers to get the second yield of grains. He is carrying out an experiment to confirm his theoretical assumptions at Zahorodniis’ farm which he has founded in the Puhachivka village of Zhashkiv district, Cherkasy region.
     Oleksandr Buleiko has been working at his project of distance crop sounding in order to manage plant feeding, growing and developing for one year and a half.
     Valeriia Smyrnova has also been working at her project «Site-specific homology recombination in plant selection» in the laboratory of biotechnologies and gene engineering of National Research Institute of Plants Selection. She first visited this establishment in her second year when she was looking for part-time job.

     Luck accompanies those who take actions.

Valentyn Obrambalskyi,
translated by Olena Soloviova

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