The competition in the students’ investment projects at the Production and Investment management Department

29 December 2017, 12:24

On the 12th of December 2017 there was organized the first tour of the competition in the students’ investment projects. It was initiated by the Production and Investment management Department. 

To greet the competitors the Head of the Production and Investment management Department, Associate member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, professor, Doctor in economics Lidiia Shynkaruk and Dean of the Faculty of the Agrarian management Anatolii Ostapchuk made their speeches. They stressed the importance of the teamwork to promote the projects.

To estimate the projects a competent jury was created. It included experts in business-projecting. Among the experts there were project manager, consultant of the Head of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine committee in industrial policy and entrepreneurship Rostyslav Lukach, the general director of the Charity Fund of Georgy Logvynsky “Innovative technologies of the future” Volodymyr Vovk, the representative of business-accelerator Radar Tech Maria Romanova.


The masters of the educational program “Management of investment activities and international projects” and the third year students, the memers of the scientific circle”Management and nowadays” presented 13 social and business-projects”.




According to the results of the competition the experts defined the projects in some nominations. The victory in the nomination “For creative idea” was obtained by the cyber sport school YOUNG GAMINGand project “The goat farm: cheese production Coeur-de-Chevre.

In nomination “For the best project presentation” the winners were the projects “Fasan 2017” and “The agrarian climate-set”. 

In nomination “The social project” three projects won. These were projects Coworking AGROSPASE, Individual & creative school (I&C), “The centre of the professional orientation”.

In nomination “For the best idea in the agricultural sphere” there were such projects selected as Olars. Green & Salats, “Organic milk farm”.

Project “Novooleksandrivka” obtained the victory in nomination “For the best idea to solve the ecological problems”.

To bonuse the project developers the general director of the Charity Fund of Georgy Logvynsky “Innovative technologies of the future” Volodymyr Vovk gave the certificates to the students who appeared to be the best for courses and trainings from the Isaac Pintosevich Systems. It will be a real opportunity to widen their horizons of their knowledge in the sphere of the system analysis and business obtained by the developers of the project in the production of ecologically pure salads, cyber sport school and the project  “Agrarian climate set”.

Congratulating the students on the fist step in their aspirations’ realization Lidiia Shynkaruk and the jury members wished to finish their project work and to present them successfully in the second tour of the competition in Spring 2018.

Iryna Baranovska, Kateryna Alekseieva


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