The students – project managers took part in the International Forum “Innovation Market”

29 November 2017, 10:31

Delegation of the students obtaining masters’ degrees in Investment management and management of International projects with the Head and the teachers of the Production an Investment management department took part in the International Forum “Innovation Market” on the 21-24 November 2017 in Kyiv. 

The Forum was the place of meeting of innovators, inventors, the innovation technologies producers, the authors of the Startup-projects with the representatives of the enterprises. There were such representatives of the enterprises as potential customers interested in technological renovation of the production process, accelerators of investment projects, and experts in different economy branches, consultants in the sphere of intellectual property, the representatives of authoritative investment and financial institutions of Ukraine and China with political leaders of Ukraine and other persons interested in the innovation and projects activities.

In the beginning the students were getting acquainted with the representatives of Chinese and Ukrainian scientific exhibition of technologies and innovation. There were presented 92 projects of different orientation.  The models of supersonic trains and reproductive factories were of great attention among the visitors.

Then the delegation attended the exhibition areas with innovation achievements of the Ukrainian Universities presented there as well as the achievements of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.  However the startups, IT-decisions, Community – HUB, Lab and incubators were also attended as the places to raise the problems and offer the solutions to the innovative problems.

Meanwhile the Main Forum room started its work with the motivational blog presented there. There were Greg Olsen American scientist and entrepreneur, the third space tourist, Tal Katran, the guru of accelerators and inventor of the Startup-ecosystems from Israel; Oles Timofeiev the cofounder of Genius Marketing. They shared the experience as for the startups starting. They convinced the visitors to achieve the aims and not to stop on the way to them. Then the success will come.


There were also the specialized sections visited by the future managers in order to get acquainted with the energetic problems and the perspectives of using the sun energy and different types of alternative energy in Ukraine. This topic was very interesting for the students who work on the projects concerning the sun batteries.

This topic was especially interesting for the students.

To conclude it is necessary to say that the innovation atmosphere captured the students and the teachers so much that no one could watch the time. The students were leaving tired but professionally inspired to present their works in future.

Tetiana Lobunets, Kateryna Alekseieva


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