October 2, 2017

It has already become a good tradition to hold one of the first meetings of our Students' Scientific Circle at the exhibition LISDEREVMASH. And this time the members of the circle visited with a great pleasure the XVI-th International Specialized Trade Fair of Machinery and Equipment for Forestry, Woodworking and Furniture Industry (September 26-29). The result of the excursion was the preparation of reports on the best exhibits with students' own photo reports. The choice of the subjects was various. Four thematic directions were presented at the exhibition: 1) Wood Machinery - a specialized department of machines, equipment and tools; 2) Wood Product - an exposition of wood products; 3) FurniTech - equipment, knockdown fitting, component materials for furniture production; 4) Wood Energy - equipment for the production of charcoal, briquettes, etc.
The students have taken a great interest in professional lexis. We hope it will be the beginning of their work on the terminological dictionary.

Lina Polishchuk

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