October 22, 2017

 Choosing a profession is an indispensable step in the life of every person. Sooner or later, young people are on the crossroads, that among a thousand ways, choose their only one. It is very difficult to understand such a large variety of professions. Therefore, traditionally, students of NULES of Ukraine each year in order to help students in choosing a future profession tell about the specialties of the humanities and pedagogical faculty, because the main criteria and indicators of the effectiveness of vocational guidance work are primarily: sufficient information about the profession and the ways of its obtaining. Bogomyatkov Eugen visited Pryluky secondary school №7, Chernihiv region.

It would be desirable that the future professions of pupils, and especially those represented on our faculty, brought them joy, moral and spiritual satisfaction, because a well-chosen profession is the key to success.

Oksana Ponomarenko

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